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We can begin with the basic list.  Plain and simple in an Excel format that will include the Name Address City State and Zip.  To help make it valuable to use and worth the cost I will include the Phone and Email and also the website where available.  This will help put the tool to use immediately.



The addition of a significant data point of what brands are currently available according to the brand dealer locators I follow.  With this information the tool begins to take shape.  Now we can establish a profile for a dealer using the Brands offered as a degree of measurement to find out the "fit" or even the "Open to Buy". 


Let's really put the data together by including demographic information like MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) market to group and identify geographically significant groups and then study penetration.

With these we can now add the Google Earth Map layer to include any of the above information so now you will be looking at a Map on your tablet and be able to navigate and ZOOM to really learn about your network or your goal network.

Call for more information and ask about the "enhanced" version that can include your information including sales data, and Rep territories.

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