How do I get a list?

Launching  March 2019

To acquire a list it begins with contact.  

Please send an email or make a call and we can go over the options.  A "Just the List" request is bulky and general with a higher count but lower accuracy rate because you'll get the fringe dealers and although they appear on a dealer locator you won't know which one or, more importantly, which others. Even when it is bigger (more locations )and has more names it doesn't make it better.  For a better list we should discuss which specific brands will help you the most and include more data like email and web site for the dealers.  

There are different levels of engagement with the top being what we call a DashBoard.  This will be specific to your needs and will include merging your sales data into our list and separating by your sales territories, and MSA markets with subtotals for counts of brands in each, your history over time and mapping the details in a Google Earth Map. 

Please call us at 716_631_0592 or send an email from the home page.