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Welcome to The Bike Shop List

Welcome to The Bike Shop List


About Us

Independent Bicycle Dealers

How Many locations are currently (2019) open for Business?

Definition of Terms

First ... what is a "Bike Shop"

Terminology is  important

A bike dealer is one who sells an IBD Bicycle brand to a Consumer

We track of which locations offer what Brands

Independent Bicycle Dealers

The List


We have all heard the "prevailing wisdom" with no supporting statements..say that the IBD network is shrinking yet there is no challenge to this statement. (Proof)

Launch spring 2019


This site will offer the ability to acquire a comprehensive list of bicycle dealers in many levels of detail. From "Just the list" to Brand specific and combinations of Brands.

who says so?


Since 2002 we have been working with major bicycle and parts suppliers to help them get to know the IBD network.  .

What is new?


Some people want less.. For years we have provided intricate details about  the IBD...

And some just want to do their own work and only the basics. 

Name address city state and zip

the big news


 We have been working for many major suppliers to the IBD. Now we are looking to set the record straight about the IBD network and the true count of dealers in USA  

Display their FAQs


Increasing specifics can include All brands available at a location, MSA market, Rep, Region, Census information and even estimated annual IBD revenue by MSA. Phone, email and web site. 

And then we can MAP it on Google Earth!



Additional Information

The title says it.  "What!" How can this be true.

Well, it depends upon what you identify as a "Bike" shop.  I don't try to explain how the prevailing knowledge came to be.  I have been asking for years. Asking those people who write the articles and perpetuate the 6,000 to 4,000 demise to support this conclusion.


What we do it is to track the Bike Brands offered by each major brand and many (50+) others.  Throughout the nearly 20 years I have gone on Brand web site "Dealer Locators" and mined the addresses of who they say they sell their bikes to across the USA.

We have been consistent in methodology and can demonstrate the results.  What is true is the definition of "Bike Shop" is not the same across the industry.  The criteria we use is "are they on a current popular IBD brand dealer locator".  If "Yes"  that's it...... they are a shop  

The nature of a "bike" shop has not changed.  Usually someone starts fixing neighborhood bikes and then goes to work at a nearby retail location and then another and decides to open a new one in town or buy the existing  shop.  If they open their own the top brands are not available since they have committed to existing locations.  So, a different brand is accessed (Brand "B") and you start with them and that is your Flag.  As shops age and time marches along the top brands will take notice and now you have one of these.  While this time is moving along comes another backyard fixer and shop employee and they pickup the (your) "B" brand.


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